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25 Days of Christmas: Master Post

Year: 2007
Number of Writers: 19

December 1//A Perfect Gift by Jenna Benson (Rated G)
December 2//Mistletoe Fun by Alexis (Rated R)
December 3//Say Hello To My Little Friend by Brittney (Rated PG)
December 4//Say Cheese by Hayley (Rated G)
December 5//All That I Want by Becca (Rated PG)
December 6//When Holly Canceled Christmas by Chantel Wallace (Rated R)
December 7//I Love You by Natalie (Rated PG)
December 8//Second Chance by Becca (Rated PG)
December 9//Electric Ice Sprinkles by Kaylen Marie (Rated G)
December 10//Home by Brittney (Rated PG)
December 11//Twas the Night Before…Something or Other by Krystal (Rated G)
December 12//Merry Christmas Baby by Maria (Rated R)
December 13//Zoë’s Story by Melissa Ward (Rated PG)
December 14//It’s Complicated by Becca (Rated PG)
December 15//The Reason For the Season by Stephanie (Rated PG-13)
December 16//Holly Leaves and Christmas Tree by Jenna Benson (Rated G)
December 17//Fun With Baking by Cate (Rated R)
December 18//This Christmas by Becca (Rated PG)
December 19//Christmas Time, A time to Reflect by Rebecca (Rated PG)
December 20//Merry Christmas, Santa. Love Isaac, Taylor and . . . by Sarah (Rated PG-13)
December 21//Meant To Be by April (Rated R)
December 22//Well, It’s Love, Actually by Nikki (Rated G)
December 23//Twas Soon To Be Christmas by Jenna Benson (Rated G)
December 24//Merry Fucking Christmas by Alexis (Rated R)
December 25//Christmas Memories by Becca (Rated PG)